Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I put £20 worth of petrol in my diesel car can I top it up?
A: No, don’t waste your money your car will need to be drained before topping up with the correct fuel!

Q: Can I start my vehicle?
A: No, please don’t attempt this as it may cause damage to your engine if possible push your vehicle to a safe place!

Q: I have already driven my car with the wrong fuel, can it be fixed?
A: YES! 99.9% of all vehicles can be corrected with our special equipment at the road side!

Q: Where does my fuel go once you recover it?
A: We disspose of the fuel correctly and the fuel will then get recyled!

Q: What areas do you cover?
A: Please check out our AREAS page to see the selection of the areas we cover!

Q: Will my breakdown cover the cost of a misfuel?
A: Most drivers are not covered but if in doubt please contact your insurer to confirm this as it is a mistake not a breakdown!

Q: What happens if my car doesn’t start after you drain it?
A: If the vehicle is not repaired we will not charge you, 99.9% of our services are completed!